Arkady Intezarov (1909-1979) was a striking, distinctive artist known for the luminosity of his art, as he breathed life into his paintings, tremulous with their bright colours. Full of determination and enthusiasm he was much admired by his contemporaries. Artist Emeritus and member of the Russian Academy of Art his work is highly valued and hangs in many museums and private collections.

Intezarov’s paintings are rooted in the traditions of Russian impressionism and the easel artists, especially renowned for their miniature, three-dimensional scenes and thematic paintings. His work covers many different genres from large historical canvases to small intimate landscapes and portraits. He worked freely with his subtle gift for colour, spontaneously adapting the colouring and approach to the work depending on the artistic task before him.Intezarov travelled widely which is reflected in his art as he painted under the skies of Iran, Russia, Italy and France, forever finding a unique artistic tune for each new piece of scenery.


Born 1909 (Romanovsky Hutor, Kuban)

Died 1979 (Moscow)

Intezarov worked in graphic, monumental and diorama art. Painted historical, revolutionary and historical war themes, together with portraits and landscapes.

1928 – 1931 StudiedattheLeningradArtIndustrialTechnical School in the department ofCeramicsunder I.A. Vladimirov.

1931 – 1938 Studied at the Moscow Institute of Fine Arts, first in the Faculty of Graphics under L.A.Bruni, N.N. Kupreyanov, then in the Faculty of Painting under K.N. Istomin, H.A. Udaltsova, defending his diploma dissertation: “1918 The First Lugansky Socialist Detachment” under A.A. Deineki.

1929 – 1930 Memberoftheassociation “Young October”.

1939 - Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

From 1946 - Artist in the Studio of military artists M.B.Grekov.

1938 – 1941 Worked in the Experimental Studio of monumental art on the building of The Palace of Soviets in Moscow under E.E. Lansere, F.F. Fedorovsky, N.M. Chernyshev.

Collaborated with the Publishers Detgiz, Voenizdat.

During the years if the Patriotic War, being at the Front, he made posters and drawings for the war newspapers.

1944 – 1946 Sent to Iran (Kazvin, Teheran) as chief political supervisor.

1946 - Reserve Officer in Baku.

Took part in the creation of dioramas “A.V.Suvorov’s Alpine Campaign in 1799” together with P.T.Maltsev and F.P.Usypenko.

1952 - The Museum-Manor of A.V. Suvorov, (Konchanskoe village, Novgorod region), “Military Fraternity of Soviet soldiers and the Polish troops. TheLeninoCombat” togetherwithN.V. Ovechkin.

1968 - TheMuseumofSovietandPolishcombatFraternity, (village of Lenino, Mogilevsky region) “ The Establishment of Soviet command in the town of Vyatka” together with N.N.Solomin.

1977 - The Museum exhibition centre “Diorama” (Kirov) and others.

Intezarov travelled to East Germany (1946), Poland (1947), Austria (1951), Hungary (1956), Czechoslovakia (1960), France (1961), Bulgaria and Rumania (1963) and toItaly (1969, 1973).


1964 – Two man show V.S.Bibikov & A.I.Intezarov, Moscow.

1964-1965 - Worksby A.I.Intezarov, Moscow.

1966 - Works by A.I.Intezarov, Moscow.

1980 – Exhibitionofpaintings (1090-1979)byArt Personality Emeritus of RSFSR (The Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic). A.I.Intezarov, Moscow.


1934 - Exhibition of Young Artists of Moscow, Moscow.

1940 - 7thEditionof Artists of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow.

1940 – Exhibitionofworkof monumental art from The Palace of Soviets, Moscow

1940 - Exhibition of Young Artists of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, Moscow.

1941 - Exhibition of Watercolours, Moscow.

1942 – Exhibition of works on canvas & on paper “For the Homeland”, Tomsk, USSR.

1943 – Exhibition of artists from the North-West Front.

1944 – Exhibition of works by the group of artists in the Soviet Army, Iran.

1947 – Exhibitionofmilitaryartists from the Studio M.B.Grekov, Moscow.

1948 - Exhibition of military artists from the Studio M.B.Grekov, Moscow.

1949 – Exhibition of Moscow artists, Moscow

1950 - All-Union Exhibition of Art, Moscow.

1950 – ArtExhibition, Studio of military artists M.B.Grekov, Moscow.

1952 - All-Union Exhibition of Art, Moscow.

1955 - 20thAnniversaryofthe Studio of military artists M.B.Grekov, Moscow

1955 – 50th Anniversary of the First Russian Revolution, Moscow.

1956 – Exhibition of Soviet and Czechoslovakian artists, Prague.

1957 - All-Union Exhibition of Art dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Moscow.

1958 - All-Union Exhibition of Art dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the All-Union Lenin Communist Union of Youth, Moscow.

1958 - Exhibition of Art «40 Years of the Soviet Army». Moscow.

1959 – Travelling Exhibition of Artworks by Soviet Artists.

1961 - Exhibition of Moscow artists dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Defeat of the German Fascist Army near Moscow, Москва.

1962 - «30th Anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists», Moscow.

1963 - Exhibition of military artists from the Studio M.B.Grekov, Prague.

1964 - Exhibition of military artists from the Studio M.B.Grekov, Moscow.

1965 - All-Union Exhibition of Art «On Guard for Peace». Moscow.

1966 - «Dedicated to the Defenders of Moscow». Moscow.

1967 - «Moscow Artists — 50th October Anniversary». Moscow.

1968 - «On Guard for the Motherland». All-Union Jubilee Exhibition, dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Soviet Army, Moscow.

2009 - Socialist Realism: Archive Inventory.Artbetween 1930’s – 1940’sfromtheCollection of the State Museum Exhibition Centre ROSIZO, Moscow.

2012 - «About Feats of Combat». ROSIZO, Moscow.


1970 - Artist Emeritus of RSFSR (The Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic).

1972 - The Laureate prize “Vit Nejedly” (Czechoslovak Soviet Socialist Republic)

1976 - ArtPersonalityEmeritusof the RSFSR (The Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic).


-The Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow

-The Studio of War Artists M.B.Grekov

-The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

-The Central Military-Maritime Museum in the St. Petersburg State University

-The Municipal Art Gallery in Krasnoarmeisk

-The Memorial Home-Museum of M.B.Grekov

-The State Art Museum A.Kastejev in Kazakstan

-In private collections in Russia and England.